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Why we're here

We believe that our economy urgently needs to transition towards more sustainable business models. The ability to measure business performance beyond financial metrics is key to accelerate this transition. Everyone wants to know the impact their business has on the world, but environmental, social and governance (ESG) data is:

Hard to measure
Fragmented across systems and geographies
Difficult to communicate

Hence, Atlas Metrics was founded in 2021 to make the impact of companies on people and the environment fully transparent. Our mission is to build the tools that make it easy for companies to measure and share the impact of their activities. We're here to support an increasingly active community of companies, investors, regulators, consumers, and non-profits, in their efforts to bring about a more sustainable future.

What we do

We are building an automated, online platform that makes it seamless to collect, analyse and communicate companies’ ESG impact. Day-to-day, our team is passionate about solving complex and hard problems:

We make ESG data understandable by everyone
We give a holistic view on companies' performance,
beyond financial metrics
We help companies act on the values they care the most about
We automate ESG disclosures in compliance with the world's leading standards

What we value

Customer - obsession

Our mission is to make companies' and investors' lives easier. Our product is designed to fit our clients' organisational reality, objectives, and needs.


We are a product-first company. We use impact-driven engineering to maximize our product's self-service capabilities and minimize in-person deployment services.


ESG is complex. Our job is to manage that complexity in our product, so that it's simple for our clients. We provide an end-to-end, intuitive and standard-compliant solution.

Who we are

Image of founder Vlad

Wladimir Nikoluk

Founder and CEO

Wlad focused his academic and professional career on the intersection of impact management and data science. Previously, he served as the Resilience Intelligence Officer for UNDP's Syria crisis response and developed ML and data solutions for the private sector as a Senior Consultant at McKinsey & Company. He was the CEO of ImmerLearn, an advanced analytics company that measured and improved the social and environmental impact of companies and NGOs. He holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the Oxford University and an MA in Public Policy from Harvard University, where he was awarded the McCloy Scholarship and the Social Innovation and Change Initiative Fellowship.

Image of Daniel Interim ESG Lead

Daniel Lawson

Interim ESG Lead

Daniel has had his finger on the pulse of how to measure sustainability for nearly six years. At Atlas, he is expanding and maintaining our logic model as well as ensuring full compliance with leading ESG standards. Previously, he was Research Director of Route2 where he designed hundreds of methodologies, innovative impact models and new technologies such as a blockchain based social network to better understand the social & environmental impacts of business activity. He holds an MA in Terrorism & Security and is passionate about human rights and building strategies and tools that reduce societal and environmental inequalities.

Image of Senior Software Engineer Ansgar

Ansgar Sachs

Senior Software Engineer

Ansgar's career started in a small businsess founded with his friends in Koblenz after he finished his BA in Information Technology. After a couple of successful years providing custom solution to his clients, he moved on to another company in Hamburg, where he became familiar with the sartup scene over there. He later worked as a Software Architect at Wunder Mobility and designed products that shape the future of e-mobility. In the meantime he finished his studies and now holds an MA in Economic Computer Science. With a short return to Koblenz working as a Senior Software Engineer in one of the biggest e-Health companies in Europe, he finally found his way to Atlas Metrics with the goal to create a visible impact on climate.

Angela Profile Picture

Angelo Wellens

Product Design Lead

Angelo has over 10 years of experience bringing digital creative strategies to life. After completing a MA in Fine Arts in Belgium he worked for a wide variety of large renowned agencies to smaller specialised design studios in London, Sydney and Amsterdam. Over the last 4 years he runs MadMad digital helping out start-ups from all over the world shaping and crafting of their first digital products, using UX principles and crisp UI design for web and mobile. His work has been recognised by The FWA, W3 Awards, Lovie Awards, Davey Awards, Deutscher Digital Award.

Image of Summer Associate Lauren

Lauren Maupetit

Summer Associate

Lauren focused her academic and professional journey on aligning economic performance and ESG goals in the finance industry. She has worked in the private sector, non-profit organisations and with research institutes, in Europe and in South-east Asia. She contributed to the elaboration of HSBC's 2020-2030 climate strategy while conducting her thesis on sustainability in the banking industry. She then joined Sylvera, a climate tech venture, to focus on climate analytics. She holds a BA in Politics, Economics and Finance from Sciences Po and a MSc in Climate Change, Management and Finance from Imperial College London.