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The single source of truth for your ESG data

Demand from regulators, investors, customers and employees for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data is a megatrend of our time. Atlas exists to help you meet it.

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Automatically integrates non- financial data into a single reporting system


Onboard your stakeholders and collaborate seamlessly to minimise the work for your team


Share up-to-date ESG data with the world with a click of a button and act on your performance

Atlas Metrics solves 3 problems businesses and investors face today

There are lots of ESG frameworks and no global standard

GRI, SASB, CDP, and IIRC are just some of the many ESG frameworks and voluntary standards. While there is no global standards, stakeholders are demanding information based on different frameworks. Atlas solves this problem with a proprietary data model that automatically navigates between frameworks.

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EU sustainability regulation is complex

The EU Taxonomy, Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive are changing the ESG landscape. Most large companies and SMEs will need to respond. Atlas Metrics integrates the requirements into the tool, making it easy to understand how, what and when to report.

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Collecting and reporting ESG data is expensive

ESG data is often fragmented across different geographies and IT systems. Collecting it through email chains, Excels Word documents, and surveys is inefficient. Atlas offers a business intelligence solution that streamlines this process end-to-end, saving you time and money.

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How do we do it?
With an intuitive platform that:

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Automatically helps you navigate ESG frameworks

Makes you ESG data reporting compliant with EU regulation

Reduces ESG data collection costs by 90%

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Say goodbye to endless forms, box ticking, email threads, and spreadsheets


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Choose from relevant frameworks or let us help you figure out what's relevant to you.

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Avoid duplicate work by collecting ESG data based on the Atlas data model and letting it populate ESG frameworks for you.

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Stay on top of changes in existing or introduction of new ESG frameworks with our continuously updated data model.

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Collect all of your ESG data and related documentation in one place.

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Map your organizational reality in our tool to ensure your workflow is bespoke to you.

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Onboard data owners and suppliers seamlessly and allocate reporting tasks to them.

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Let us minimize the work for your data owners via intuitive micro-journeys and powerful analytics to translate activity data into ESG disclosures.

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Collaborate with data owners and external vendors to ensure your data is collected correctly and on time.

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Benefit from tailored dashboards and benchmarks to understand and act on your ESG performance.

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Export your ESG data according to different reporting standards with a click of a button or forward it to stakeholders on the Atlas platform.

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Share selected ESG data with the world via your individual microsite.

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